International Conference on Computer Processing of Turkic Languages


TurkLang 2017

 Aibek Makazhanov,

 Bagdat Myrzakhmetov,

 Zhanibek Kozhirbayev

 On Various Approaches to Machine Translation from Russian to Kazakh
 Altynbek Sharipbay  The activities of the “Artificial intelligence” Scientific Research Institute of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University on Providing of the Functioning of the Kazakh language in the Information and Communication Technologies
 Alfiya Galieva

Olga Nevzorova

Dilyara Yakubova

   Russian-Tatar Socio-Political Thesaurus: Methodology, Challenges and Status of the Project
 Alymzhan Toleu,

 Gulmira Tolegen,

 Aibek Makazhanov

 Character-based Deep Learning Models for Token and Sentence Segmentation
  Anna Dybo,

 Alexandra Sheymovich

 Turkic languages in the project “Language and ethnocultural variability of Southern Siberia in synchrony and diachrony: language and culture interaction”  (Tomsk State University)
 Anna Dybo,

 Alexandra Sheymovich

 An Attempt of Computer-Oriented Description of Tuvan Morphophonology within the Framework of the Automatic Morphological Analysis System
 Bailak Oorzhak

 Arzhaana Khertek

 Aelita Salchak

 Valentina Ondar

 Maria Kuzhuget

Creating a Noun Database for the Electronic Corpus of Texts of the Tuvan language
 Dzhavdet Suleymanov  The activities of the Institute of Applied Semiotics on the maintenance of the Tatar Language in IT




 AnassessmentofUniversalDependencyannotation guidelinesforTurkiclanguages
 Loïc Boizou

 Dinara Mambetkazieva

 From Kyrgyz Internet Texts to an XML Full-form Annotated Lexicon: a Simple Semiautomatic Pipeline
 Joshua Meyer  Developing a Kyrgyz Speech Synthesizer
 Zhandos Zhumanov

 Dina Amirova

  Evaluation of machine translation quality in assimilation scenario for English-Kazakh and Kazakh-Russian language pairs
 Margarita Dubrovina   On the Morphological Qualification of Word Forms with the -gan Component in Tatar Language Texts
 Natalia Loukachevitch  Thesaurus on Islam: Development and Current State
 Nella Israilova

 Peri Bakasova

 Morphological Analyzer of the Kyrgyz Language
 Rinat Gilmullin  The Main Results of Implementation of The State Program “Conservation, Research and Development of the State Languages ​​of the Republic of Tatarstan and other Languages ​​in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2014 – 2020 years”

TurkLang 2018

Eşref Adalı,
Question and Answering System for Turkic Languages

Almenova – Turklang2018

Aibek Makazhanov,

Bagdat Myrzakhmetov,

Zhanibek Kozhirbayev